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I'm Athena- a certified meditation teacher, Tarot reader, and founder of the NOT ANOTHER TAROT READER YouTube channel, on a mission to help you cut through the BS of life and live it as your most authentic, divine self!

Whether you're wanting to seek the cards' advice through free or personalized readings... 

Are curious to venture into your own Tarot journey but are unsure of where to even start... 

Or just want to enhance your meditation practice with unique meditations designed by the Divine... 

You'll find it all here! 


The story of a deck, a dream, and doubt...

Once upon a time, I suffered from debilitating depression. I'm talking YEARS of misery and mishaps from being in this soul-crushing illness that not only stripped me of my love for life but made me utterly despise myself. 

For almost a decade I spent my time researching anything I could get my hands on that could try help me holistically manage it. Neuroscience, Eco-Therapy, Meditation, Psychology, CBT- you name it I'll have avidly looked into it... 

I'd started finding my groove in better managing depression through meditation. I'd fallen in love with the expansive practice and the incredible effects it was having on me through consistent practice, but it wasn't enough. I wished sometimes I had something to help guide me in the darker times to help me find the light again. Being a very shy person, I struggled with things like talking therapies and other "people" involved therapies most were advising me to do. 

And then came Tarot. Purely by chance... 

One day, I happened across a post online from someone who struggled with the exact same thing. Tarot- they said, was what had helped and supported them get out of their head and onto a path that not only helped them adopt healthier lifestyle changes, and rewire their critical thinking, but "spookily" offered them the insight to know when situations were coming that could threaten to derail them into a depressive mindset again. 

I was intrigued, to say the least. 

So I started avidly studying Tarot and bought my own deck- a gift, I reasoned, from my higher self, reading time and time again you couldn't do Tarot unless you were "gifted" a deck.

Fast forward from implementing Tarot into my life, not only was I now out of my head, thinking clearly for the first time in years, but I was happy.  Life had gone from this dark, depressing place to a world of opportunity. I'd found the love and trust in myself to pursue my passions, became a meditation teacher, and was experiencing life like I never had before! 

Then, I had a dream... A really odd one. 

In it, I was reading Tarot for others. Helping them in the same way Tarot had helped me to understand and connect with themselves more profoundly. The feeling that radiated in this dream was a certainty that this was what I needed to do. 

But, doubt upon waking killed it instantly. I'd practiced learning Tarot for myself by reading for others and through general readings, sure- but doing it at the scale in my dream? No way! And I put it out of my mind.

For the next month, any readings I did for myself were dominated by messages that a shift was coming. For the first time since starting reading, I ignored what they were saying. "Maybe you think-" I remember stubbornly saying "but there's still a little something called free will, you know..." 

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And then weird stuff started happening...

Suddenly I started seeing Tarot everywhere. 

My YouTube recommendations- usually packed with Yoga videos, meditations, and hilarious cat fails were now crammed full of Tarot readings...

I went to the supermarket, Tarot imagery was plastered across cereal boxes. 

I went to the newsagents to pick up a parcel, Tarot card pictures adorned the lighters stacked up by the front desk.

A girl walked by whilst I had a coffee in the piazza one morning with The Star card emblazoned across her tote bag... 

Finally, when trying to locate a document on my bookshelf, a book on Tarot fell off to the floor below. I picked it up and the page it had splayed out on- The Fool.

"Alright!" I yelled. "I get the hint! I'll do it!"


As always, the cards were right. The joy and happiness I immediately began feeling planning out and filming readings, the prospect of helping others get started with their Tarot journey, and being able to blend my love for Meditation and Tarot were like the final piece of the jigsaw for my life being complete fell into place.


Well aside from poking fun at Tarot Reading professionally being an oversaturated market, I chose it because I'm not your kind of this is what I see in your future, does this person like you, will you be rich and famous sort of reader. No digs to those that love doing these readings! But that's not my bag. 

I'm here to help you get through the s*** in the here and now. 

It's my hope that through this I can help others, you, cut through the BS of life and align with living it as your most authentic, free, divine self- be it through readings or imparting the ways I've come to understand Tarot for those who seek to try it for themselves! 

My Tarot journey started from a dark place and lead me toward the light, and this is what I dream of doing for others!

Ready to hear the cards' advice? 

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