About Me

If many moons ago, you'd told me this was what I'd be doing in my life, I'd have asked what you were smoking. Tarot reading, seriously? A meditation teacher? Helping others with their self-care to kick ass in life? 
Girl, you can barely keep it together yourself! 

Not to mention, back then I thought anything remotely spiritual sucked. I always thought it was just some "woo-woo" thing people did to escape the real world. 

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom after years of chronic depression and isolating anxiety, desperately seeking but never finding the full truth in science did I decide to give spirituality a try. 

And that's when everything changed... 

Today I'm a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and tarot reader combining my Hermione Granger-like obsessive love for research into psychology, CBT, holistic health,  neuroscience,  eco-therapy, and mindfulness, with tarot to help you navigate the tougher, nittier-grittier sides of self-care and get aligned with your highest self. 

Start slaying your self-care.

With full-on, free in-depth tarot readings that help you navigate your self-care month by month and proffer actionable advice and insight into the trickier times of life.

A Word of Warning.

Here there's none of that fluffy stuff. 

We deal with the facts. The truth. Using science and the spiritual and a dose of tough love to help you deal with the s**t in the here and now to help you grab life by the horns and make it your b***h. 

You deserve your best life, and I'm here to help make that happen.

Meditate with me

It's a passion of mine to make meditation accessible to everyone. I've been a devoted meditator for over ten years and it's become a great source of peace in life.

But you don't have to meditate for as long as this to start reaping its benefits! I'm always sharing resources over on Instagram and creating guided meditations using tarot that are easy to follow and leave you feeling awesome!

Let me help you start living a life of self-care

When I started taking self-care seriously, I quickly got lost in how confusing it was. And that's not even including when I found out I'd need different self-care approaches for different moods, life experiences, and healing work. 

It's why I began including tarot in my self-care. It showed me what I needed to be focusing on and when and gave me the tools and insight on how to best support myself. 

If you're finding yourself in the same boat- struggling to find your groove with self-care and sticking to it, or want to start taking it seriously but have no idea where to begin, I hope the blog, tarot channel, meditations, and other resources help you along your self-care journey!

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