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Can Emotions Be Superpowers?

Okay so emotions, they kinda have a bit of a weird rep really.

They’re usually something were told we have to control, are taught to suppress and only experience and express if they’re positive or useful.

But have we ever considered that maybe, just maybe, that they’re not this thing we have within us used only for reacting to something-

Rather they’re actually an untapped superpower?

What if our emotions could also act as internal compass that directed us toward the things that needed supporting, nurturing, healing, addressing, and cultivating more of?

What if they were clues gifted to us in every moment, every situation of our day that enabled us to recognise our overall mood/energy and the beliefs and values we held toward the situation that triggered our emotional reaction-

And allowed us to make conscious decisions as to whether this was a mood, energy, thought, way of being that we wanted to continue on with or not?

When I started questioning my emotions in this way, the trails they lead me down helped begin cultivating such a deep understanding of myself, helping heal parts of myself I didn’t even know needed to be healing-

Simply by noting an emotion that arose to a particular situation and asking it- why?

If you’d like to try give a go yourself of learning to work with your emotions in this way, my two latest meditations: Be Your Own Hero and So You Had a Bad Day, both dive into this concept-

Be Your Own Hero:

FREE VERSION: In Be Your Own Hero we’re learning how to identify emotions related to critical self talk that arise when we try to positively reflect on ourselves, cultivating a deeper understanding of what we feel in such a situation and giving ourself the starting point of which to explore why…

EXTENDED VERSION: In addition to identifying emotions, we’ll also be exploring why these emotions arose when positively reflecting on ourselves, and the ways in which we can support, combat, or nurture them; teaching us to approach our emotions more mindfully and using them to help us stop being completely ruled by them.

So You Had a Bad Day: 

FREE VERSION: In So You Had A Bad Day we’re tapping into our emotions to help come to terms with any particular trying days you might have had- firstly identifying the ones that are present, why they’re there, and using them to help decide on the kind of action we want to take to combat or support our feelings and perceptions about our challenging day.

EXTENDED VERSION: We dive even deeper into exploring the concepts in the free version, plus considering the ways we can help support ourselves with the answers and realisations we've had to take action and shift our energy, or comfortably be with our current energy- being confident in the knowledge that whatever we decide, it is our choice to do so, taking the power away from the situations that lead us to having a trying day!

You can find the extended versions of these meditations available over on Patreon and get access to the full library of Mischief Meditations exclusive and extended meditations for as little as £3 per month!

Or you can head on over to my shop to buy and download the meditation for your own personal collection!

But what do you think? 

Are emotions something that can be used for cultivating a more profound understanding of ourselves in each and every moment of the day?

Or are they just something our body does, nothing more?

If you’d like to dive into this more deeply with me, the in-depth podcast version of this blog post is up on The Whole Package tier on Patreon!

Thanks for joining me in this post today!