Athena Amhurst

Meditation Coach | YouTuber | Script Witer | Tarot Reader

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Hey there!

I'm a certified meditation teacher and founder of Mischief Meditations- a YouTube channel devoted to free guided meditations and self-care readings to help you build a happy, healthy, at-home meditation practice!

 Whether you're looking for a writer to conjure up beautiful, soul-led meditation scripts for personal or commercial use... 

Are looking to start getting into meditation and need some tips and tricks on how to build a consistent, productive, and happy practice... 

Or just want to take some time out for yourself with some guided meditations... 

You'll find it all here!

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Head on over to the Mischief Meditation YouTube channel for the full and ever-expanding library of free guided meditations on a wide variety of subjects and needs, carefully crafted to ensure you're getting the most out of your meditation time!

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With digital self-care resources and meditation aids, guided meditations, and more- all lovingly created to help support you on your journey within.

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