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I'm Athena, a meditation teacher and word wizard that conjures up meditation scripts for commercial and personal use.

When I'm not helping others learn how to harness their meditative superpowers over on my YouTube channel- 

Or sharing knowledge with beginner health and wellness content creators over on the blog... 

I'm writing, recording, and editing heart-led, high-quality, no-fluff meditations for businesses and those looking to personalise their practice! 

These aren't just give me any topic, and I'll write about it gigs... 

These are meditation scripts tailored to your needs, your brand, and the people that make it all possible, your audience! 

Check out an overview of the kinds of services I provide below, reviews, and feel free to stop by Mischief Meditations when you're ready to unwind! 

Meditation Coach, Meditation Teacher, Meditation Script writer

Overview of Services...

To ensure the safest  and ease of experience for both you and I, my services are  only available to purchase through 

Topics I Cover...

For Meditation: Relaxation, de-stress, body scans, mindfulness, gratitude, self-love, sleep, breath techniques, nature-based, confidence boosting, visualization, for kids, affirmations, anxiety, relationships, SOS, depression, for exercise, career, mindfulness for the internal /external, gratitude, body positivity, sleep. 

L. Bloom                                                ★★★★★

I found Athena via her Youtube Channel and was impressed at the versatility of her meditations. Being a personal trainer, I hadn't actually considered adopting meditations as part of my service packages until I came across her workout-based meditations- 

So I asked her to write and record a few scripts for my clients to use before heading into the gym... Long story short, they loved them and found them to be a unique touch to my service offerings that really helped them get into the zone before our sessions!

Can't wait for the next lot to arrive in my inbox! Thanks, Athena!

J.Serrano                                              ★★★★★

I teach in a primary school with a lot of "troubled" kids. After getting into meditation with my own trio at home, I decided to implement a meditation practice into my pupils' school day to see if it could help them in some way and asked Athena if she could write some child-friendly scripts for me to do with the class.

Athena blew me away with the quality and innovative scripts she wrote. I hadn't had much success finding engaging meditations for children before coming to her so honestly, I wasn't expecting anything close to what she delivered... 

From fun body-scan meditations to one's that helped train to focus their mind through fantastical imagination scenarios and taught breathing techniques in a simple, silly way- meditation time in my classroom has become something me and my pupils really look forward to in the morning and afternoon! From me and all my class, thank you, Athena! 

M. Howcroft                                      ★★★★★ 

My husband recently got into meditation but was having trouble sticking to it because of how annoying he found many of the voices were and said he wished they were more like mine- cue birthday present idea! 

I commissioned Athena to write me several scripts on his favourite types of meditation and asked if she could add in some inside jokes, his name, and other meaningful personal things to them-

She really dug deep for context and worked them in seamlessly- creating scripts that actually brought tears to my eyes reading them because not only did she make them personal for him, but wrote them in such a way it was almost like I had written them (which definitely made recording them so much easier!). 

Needless to say, my husband absolutely adored his present and has asked for another batch for Christmas! So I'll be back with the next bunch of ideas soon, Athena! 

R. Ferguson                                       ★★★★★

I wish everyone were as easy to work with as Athena is. I wanted several short scripts for kids but had no clue what or even how to go about them- 

Athena walked me through her process and delivered an amazing list of topic ideas that were so hard to choose from, and then wrote meditations that blew me away with the attention to detail she managed to work in with the rather limited word count I gave her. 

Then on top of that, she just kept delivering way ahead of the scheduled time! So don't hesitate, just hire her! You won't regret it!