Commercial Use Scripts...

Lovingly written meditation scripts that harmoniously align with your brand, its needs, products, and target audience! 

Whether you're a meditation teacher who doesn't have the time to write, a health and wellness business looking for unique offerings to gift or sell to their customers- 

Or even a tech company wanting to provide meditative resources to their employees... 

Meditations have their place and purpose in every kind of business.

And it's my job to align them with your brand, its goals, sales funnels, and target audience!

Because let's face it- 

Anyone can write a meditation script. 

But not everyone can write a meditation script that harmoniously aligns with your business offerings and speaks directly to the types of customers you want to attract... 

So, if you want...

- Scripts that speak to your dream customers and put your business in the spotlight as a trusted authority...

To get your products and services seen with more people clamouring to subscribe to your site...

And build an army of trusting, loyal followers that love what you do and keep coming back for more...

You're going to need fresh, inspiring scripts that align with your business, are tailored to your target audience, and are packed with the perfect amount of SEO gold to get it in front of the people who will benefit from it most...

But writing scripts can be a very time-consuming process. Especially when you're trying to run a business on top of that!

(So here's where I come in...)

I specialise in writing scripts that get your business seen and heard...

With my writing wizardry and your passion for helping others, together, we can create content that puts you in front of the people that need what you offer and love what you do!

How? It's quite simple, really!

And it’s got everything to do with my favourite thing to do in all the world! Research!

(Seriously, I binge it like it's a Netflix series)

Take a look at my process below to see how I'll create your dream customer-aligned content...

My Process...

1. After sending me your initial inquiry on what you'd like me to write, you'll be sent a series of questions to fill out, giving an overview of your brand, your dream customers, and your goals for the script. 

2. I'll then get to researching not just the topic of content but your target audience, your business, how to use the content to connect prospective customers to your business and sales funnels,  and the best keywords for SEO to get it in front of those who will value it most!

3. Then, it's onto writing! Once the first draft is completed, it'll be sent across to you to review...

4. Once you're happy with the revisions (if needed), your content will then go through a three-step editing process of:

  • Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation. 
  • Keyword insertion. 
  • Readability and flow. 

5. A recommended SEO-friendly, attention-grabbing headline and meta-description containing keywords will be written in accompaniment to the content. 

6. This will all be then sent out to you, along with a content ownership contract for you to sign. 

Please note this process may differ slightly depending upon the type of service you would like- but it'll always be that easy! 

What's Included:

  • Vigilant research into your brand, target audience, connecting products, and the best practices for the type of script you would like to have written. 
  • The writing of your meditation script. 
  • Thorough 3-step editing process to ensure quality.
  • Free revisions to the script. 
  • A plain text copy and PDF version of the finished script.
  • Full content ownership of the script.  

Additional Offerings: 

Alongside the writing of your meditation script, I can also audio record and edit your script!

Find out more about The Full Package! 

And for those who aren't so fussed about having content ownership over the meditation, I offer custom meditations at a discounted rate. 

Find out more about Custom Meditation Scripts


Research into brand, audience and best script practices, script, editing, commercial license.

(200 Words)




Research into brand, audience and best script practices, script, editing, commercial license.

(500 words)



Research into brand, audience and best script practices, script, editing, commercial license.

(1500 words)


Ready to get started?

M. Taylor                         ★★★★★

The kind of person that only needs to be told things once and then goes above and beyond anything you were expecting! Working with Athena was an absolute breeze. She took my crappy ideas and turned them into absolute masterpieces, keeping me in the loop every step of the way and delivering way ahead of the scheduled time! There's no other meditation script writer out there for me anymore but Athena! 

R. Dunn                            ★★★★★

I wish everyone were as easy to work with as Athena is! She delivered an amazing list of topic ideas that were so hard to choose from, and then wrote meditations that blew me away with the attention to detail she managed to work in with the rather limited word count I gave her. Then on top of that, she just kept delivering way ahead of the scheduled time! So don't hesitate, just hire her! You won't regret it!