Marvellous Meditations

Custom meditation scripts to enchant and help younger audiences harness their meditative superpowers!

"Just relax" scripts aren't going to cut it for kids...

Meditations and kids often seem like the unlikeliest of pairings. 

With their inquisitive minds and high energy, it can be difficult to hold their attention spans for something like meditation... 

This is why Marvellous Meditations for Kids scripts think outside the box. 

Because they're not like us, adults. 

They need meditations that feed their hungry minds and capture their attention!

Help children learn how to harness their meditative superpowers with fun, interactive and beautifully designed custom-written scripts that engage their magical minds through stories, adventures, games and more!

How It Works:

After sending me your ideas, I'll get to writing a marvellous age-appropriate meditation script! Once you're happy with the draft version of the script, it will then go through a vigilant editing process for quality before the final versions (a plain text copy and illustrated PDF) is sent out to you to download. 

Visit The Full Package Page if you'd like them recorded too!

Topics I Cover: 

  • Bedtime / sleep
  • Story-telling and visualization
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Nature-based
  • Self-care and confidence boosting
  • Breathing techniques and body-scans
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness


200-word script, research into best practices for the script, editing, 1x revision.




500-word script, research into best practices for the script, editing, 2x revisions.



1500 word script (can be split into shorter scripts), research, editing, 4x revisions


Ready to get started?

J. Serrano                         ★★★★★

I teach in a primary school with a lot of "troubled" kids. After getting into meditation with my own trio at home, I decided to implement a meditation practice into my pupils' school day to see if it could help them in some way and asked Athena if she could write some child-friendly scripts for me to do with the class.

Athena blew me away with the quality and innovative scripts she wrote. I hadn't had much success finding engaging meditations for children before coming to her so honestly, I wasn't expecting anything close to what she delivered...

From fun body-scan meditations to one's that helped train to focus their mind through fantastical imagination scenarios and taught breathing techniques in a simple, silly way- meditation time in my classroom has become something me and my pupils really look forward to in the morning and afternoon! From me and all my class, thank you, Athena!

C. Brunswick                  ★★★★★

After landing a job abroad, I wanted to gift my kids something special for the months I'm not around and commissioned Athena to write some personalised meditation scripts for me to record for them. Holy cow. Not only did she deliver beautiful scripts but went out of her way to guide me through recording them and then edited them into high-quality audios that my kids absolutely adore!

Vaughan. T                      ★★★★★

Excellent to work with. Very professional, great communication and most importantly, outstanding content. 

I would highly recommend. Overall Great experience.