Meditations for Reels

Enhance your social media content with these short and sweet one-minute reel meditations for your audience!

Wow your audiences with mini-meditations!

The whole game of social media is to have people continuously engage with your page by providing valuable, memorable content, right?

Now, what better way can you think of than having carefully curated meditation reels that will have audiences not just doing your run-of-the-mill liking and commenting-

But saving them and coming back time and time again to watch them?

And the best part? They can be used for all types of businesses! Whether you're a PT, skin-care company, tarot reader, or lifestyle coach- mini-meditations are a versatile tool you can adapt to your social media strategy! 

Types of Meditations: 

  • Meditations for Workouts
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Outdoor Meditations
  • Sleep Meditations
  • Self-Love Meditations. 
  • Meditations for Work
  • Study Meditations
  • Stress-Relief / Anxiety Management
  • Creativity Enhancement 
  • Meditations for Depression 
  • Meditations for Kids
  • Relationship Meditations

Techniques Used: 

  • Affirmations
  • Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Yoga postures
  • Mantras
  • Gratitude
  • Sound / Music
  • Journaling 
  • Self-Massages / Gua Sha / Facial Rollers etc. 
  • Mindfulness/ Self-Reflection
  • Movement (stretches, walking)
  • Meditative Tools (crystals, candles, etc)


200 Word Meditation Script, Research, Editing, 5x Hashtags, Caption, 1x Revision




2x 200 Word Meditation script, Research, Editing, 10x Hashtags, 2x Caption, 2x Revision.



4x 200 Word Meditation Scripts, Research, Editing, 40x Hashtags, 4x Caption, 4x Revision


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S. Dumfries                     ★★★★★

Quick to deliver, so easy to work with, and incredible content fit into such a short amount of time- I don't know how you do it, Athena, but I'm grateful I found you! My fans love these quick meditations and I love the stats I'm getting from them! 

E. Hannah                        ★★★★★

If you're looking for someone to provide high-quality content, takes bold initiatives that supersede your expectations, and provides an outstanding, professional service every time, then look no further than Athena!